Our selection of simulations and games have been chosen to cater to a diverse audience of varying age and skill level.  Experiences can range from intense to relaxing; some frightening, others awe-inspiring.  These are only some of the titles we have available.

Play Together

Playing together in VR lets your share the experience with friends and family.  Work together to solve puzzles, face down foes or go head-to-head in a battle of reflexes and wits.  Most multiplayer games allow up to 4 players simultaneously while some can host as many as 10 players at once for a truly epic engagement.  All multiplayer games are also playable as a solo experience.  Here are just some of our many multiplayer titles:

Area death-match at zero gravity. Skyfront takes full advantage of the sensation of flying possible with VR with this futuristic shooter. Up to 10 players possible
BAAM Squad
Zombie shooter with Minecraft graphics. A fast paced game with a variety of weapons and power ups to face down waves of undead. Up to 4 players
Within the cockpit of a tower cannon you'll need to operate gears, check your periscope, and alter your trajectory as you seek to tear down other players' cannons before they get you. Up to 4 players.
World War 2 combat for up to 10 players~ Full body immersion means you're hands will be busy pulling back rifle bolts, popping pins of grenades and switching out magazines. Physically duck for cover or take the prone when sniping. Play as a team or free-for-all
Our most popular group game. Work as a team with up to 4 players defending a fortress against marauding orcs (think Lord of the Rings). Or go head to head in Player Vs Player mode.
A wacky Western-theme shooter with a sci-fi twist. Flip tables for cover, breaking bottles for melee weapons or just throw a chair. Play with shooters or no-gun mode. A popular title with kids and family groups
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Play Solo

Not to be confused with the multiplayer game Front Defense Heroes -this solo experience has you manning a pillow box against waves of soldiers. Fire bazookas, call in airstrikes, even operate an anti-aircraft turret. An intense, action-packed World World 2 simulation
In a futuristic city, you're standing above a landing platform defending your spaceship against waves of drones. You'll duck and dodge to avoid incoming fire or resort to your forceshield to block; while firing science-fiction blasters. A popular game that's easy to get into
One of the most popular titles on VR right now; think Guitar Hero with light sabers...
"Walking the plank" is our recommendation for anyone trying virtual reality for the first time. Experience the thrill of heights on the plank or fly around the city with hand-mounted rockets.
Popular with all ages, Job Simulator let's you choose between working in kitchen, an auto shop, a convenience store and an office -or rather, how robots in the future picture those jobs... A funny game to play and to watch~
Surreal action where time doesn't move unless you do. Grab bullets, throw knives; feel like 007 as you shatter the 'glass men' one by one...
Want to get scared? Affected the Manor is our haunted house game. Unlike an actual haunted house you'll have a whole mansion to explore with different directions and puzzles. Not for the faint of heart...
Wacky and very original, Mace and Grace puts you in the role of a giant swatting tiny knights flying through the air.
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Area death-match at zero gravity. Skyfront takes full advantage of the sensation of flying possible with VR with this futuristic shooter. Up to 10 players possible

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