VR Odyssey

Central Minnesota's Gateway
to Virtual Reality




Revolutionary Technology made Accessible


At our parlor you'll be fitted with a headset and two controllers.  We specializing in using the HTC Vive for its superior tracking capabilities.  Within the headset are two separate screens viewed through the eye-ports. These dual screens create the illusion of 3D, which the brain quickly reacts to as though it were in a real environment.  Infrared light beams (invisible to the naked eye) 'track' hand and head movement. Duck, jump, crawl or swing an arm; your motion is carried into the program further convincing the brain its responding to an actual "reality."


Our parlor is designed to make available the wide range of applications virtual reality has to offer.  We offer both in-parlor activities as well as the option for mobile setup whether for entertainment or virtual training. 

Creative Design


Paint, sculpt, model on a canvas of digital air

14039 Edgewood Dr N, Baxter, MN 56425
Next to Cub Foods, between Boomer's Pizza and Great Clips